How to install vinyl decals

Start by cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol or soap water. Make sure the surface is completely dry before install. Remove backing paper so that only the transfer tape and graphic remain. Start by laying only the edge of the graphic on the surface. Now apply even pressure from one end of the graphic to the other. Apply pressure from side to side and up and down to ensure all bubbles are removed.  Next peel transfer tape away from graphic so that all that remains is the finished product. 

Chrysler 200/ DODGE DART before and after vehicle decals

Take that ordinary courtesy, loaner, or service vehicle and create a moving advertisement. Make sure your business or service is known to the world with vehicle advertisement. Vinyl decals are durable, long lasting and bold making them the perfect way to advertise on a vehicle. 

DULUTH DODGE courtesy vehicles with decals

Decals are manufactured and installed by us at Duluth Custom Design. 

Decals with on site installation customer service.